Registration number: JEP_27136_2006

Title: “Implementation of Basic and Advanced Scientific Methodologies in Agricultural Master and PhD curricula”

Acronym (IMBASMA)

General objectives

        Training and upgrading scientific communication and research methodology skills of (potential) MSc and PhD students and young staff members


Ghent University (GU) (Grant holder + coordinator)

- Prof. G. Hofman (Georges.hofman@UGent.be)

               Coordination + Soil Science and nutrient management

- Prof. O. Van Cleemput (Oswald.vancleemput@UGent.be)

               Basic methodologies + Soil Science and nutrient management

- Prof. G. Van Huylenbroeck (Guido.vanhuylenbroeck@UGent.be)

               Daily follow-up + agricultural economics and rural development

National Agricultural University of Ukraine (NAUU)

        Coordinator in Ukraine

               - Vice-Rector V. Kalensky (inter@nauu.kiev.ua)

                              Coordination + Soil Science and nutrient management

               - Prof. V. Thachuk (iaasnau@nauu.kiev.ua)

                              Agricultural economy

               - Prof. Y. Krachenko (kravch@twin.nauu.kiev.ua


Humboldt Univesität Berlin (HUB)

- Prof. M. Böhme (Michael.boehme@rz.hu-berlin.de)

               Coordinator Berlin + Soil Science and horticulture

- Prof. K. Hagedorn (k.hagedorn@rz.hu-berlin.de)

               Agricultural economy

- Prof. A. Vollmer (andreas.vollmer@cms.hu-berlin.de)


Lviv State Agrarian University (LSAU)

- Vice-Rector G. Cherevko (lday@mail.lviv.ua)

- Prof. O.Krupich

               Coordination LSAU

- Prof. I. Tofan (lday@mail.lviv.ua)

               Agricultural economy

- Prof. P. Khirivskyy (lday@mail.lviv.ua)


- Prof. R. Shmyg (lday@mail.lviv.ua)


Mykolayiv State Agrarian University (MSAU)

- Rector V. Sheanin (rector@mdau.mk.ua)


- Prof. N. Sirenko (sirenko@mdau.mk.ua)


- Prof. S. Chorny (schorny@mksat.net)

               Soil Science and Agrochemistry

Ministry of Education and Science

Ministry of Agrarian Policy


Project Management

        Overall steering committee

               Profs. of Ghent, Humboldt and two profs. from each UA university (project coordinator and academic coordinator)

        Daily management board

               Prof. Hofman, Van Huylenbroeck and Kalensky + administrative staff in Ghent and Kiev

        Implementation group

                              Coordinators of 3 UA universities (3x3) + EU partners


                              one academic coordinator per discipline


        Upgrading research and scientific communication skills of Master and PhD students


       Development and implementation of a module on scientific communication and research methodology

       Three Ukrainian Agricultural Universities

        Special emphasis on:

       Soil and nutrient management


       Agricultural Economics


. Basic training

2. Advanced training

3. Development of teaching module in scientific communication and research methodology

4. Dissemination

5. Sustainability

6. Quality control and monitoring

7. Management

Time frame: 1 September 2007 till 31 August 2009

Target group

        Master students

        PhD students

        Young staff members

        Other people involved

        Academic coordinators of UA universities responsible for development and implementation of module(s)

Action 1: Basic training
1.1. Training course in scientific writing and e-learning

        Organized in NAUU (December or January 2008)

        Total 90 students (Master, PhD, young staff), 30 per university


       Basic course in project management, scientific writing and communication (written, oral, graphical) design tables and figures, literature search, research methodologies, use of internet, e-learning, practical tasks, etc.

       Course part of curriculum students

1.2. Selection of students for further training in EU

        Selection of 18 candidates for in-depth training at EU universities (based on study results, motivation, English knowledge, results basic module)

        Important: submission of research proposal

        First plan of content of course modules (UA and EU staff)

        Time frame: end January 2008

Action 2: Advanced training
2.1 and 2.2. Advanced training course in general communication and research methodology and in specific disciplines

        18 students, 6 per university

        Topics: scientific writing, research methodology, scientific project, proposal development

        Time frame: February till May 2008, eventually first semester acad. year 2008-2009

Action 2.1


        Theoretical lectures

        Specific tasks like:

       Searching relevant literature

       Making abstracts

       Developing objectives and hypotheses for scientific problems

       Writing review article

       Presenting results

       Development logical framework for a project

       Development e-learning tools

Action 2.2

        More advanced training in a specific discipline (6 per discipline)

        Soil Science and Nutrient Management (UG)

        Training in soil quality and environmental problems related to nutrient use

        Horticulture (HU)

        Growing systems in greenhouses

        Agricultural economics (UG and HU)

        Social cost-benefit analysis, formulation research projects

        Lectures and demonstration on use of modern techniques

        Recognition of training in UA universities

Action 3: Development of teaching module in scientific communication and research methodology

        Time frame: 2nd semester year 2007-2008 and eventually 1st semester 2008-2009

        Responsible persons

       3x3 staff members (3 per UA university) in cooperation with the homologues in EU and the selected students


       General part prepared by the 3x3 staff members together and a specific part per discipline

       Need an agreement per discipline (1 responsible per discipline)

3.1. and 3.2. Collection and development of course material and advanced training of staff members

        Collection and development course material: 9 staff members during first year

        Advanced training of staff members

        Stay of 9 staff members in EU universities for 1 month: 2nd semester year 2007-2008 or 1st semester 2008-2009

3.3. and 3.4. Implementation of teaching module and development course

        Time frame: 2nd semester year 2008-2009

        Teaching by the responsible staff, monitored and evaluated by EU homologues

        Preparation of documents for the approval of the module by the Ministry of Education

Action 4: Dissemination

        Time frame: October 2007 till September 2009

        Basic information to all targeted students

       (flyer, website, announcements)

        Set-up of a website (NAUU)

        Internal seminars in the 3 UA universities

        Large dissemination conference at end of project

Action 4: Final Conference

        Objectives final conference

-      Information

-      Discuss steps and actions to increase involvement of Ukrainian agricultural universities in international education and research activities

-      Hand-over of required documentation for recognition of teaching module by UA authorities

Action 5: Sustainability

        Overall sustainability

       Time frame: September 2007 till September 2009

        Purchase of e-learning equipment

       First semester 2008

       3 beamers, 3 servers + e-learning software

        Accreditation of teaching module

       End second semester 2008-2009

Action 6: Quality control
 and monitoring

        Evaluation after each training

        Time management and financial control during the whole project

Action 7: Management

        Daily management of project


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